Accelerating Clinical Trials with Digital Health

Get your innovative drugs to market faster through digital patient recruitment and retention, enhanced real-world data capture and automated insights.

Digital technologies present a huge opportunity for biopharma companies to transform their clinical trials. In an industry where getting novel therapies to market ahead of the competition is paramount, companies are constantly looking for ways to accelerate clinical trials in safe, cost-effective ways.

Today, it costs around two billion dollars and ten years to discover, develop and launch a new drug. Biopharma's traditional model of investing heavily in R&D is leading to diminishing returns. The industry is seeing that investing billions towards future products that most often don't make it to market is not sustainable.

Faced with long drug development cycles and diminishing rates of return on their R&D investments, biopharma companies are looking to digital and machine learning technologies to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of drug development.

This white paper explores the ways in which digital health can accelerate clinical trials, reduce costs and improve data collection and analysis through richer data sets and machine learning.

Biopharma and R&D 

Accelerating Clinical Trials

The paper covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the digital health opportunities in clinical trials
  • Overview of digital health technologies for clinical trials
  • How to get started with digital health
  • How to future-proof your digital health strategy