AI in digital health:

Where to use it and how to unlock value?

AI presents incredible potential for digital health, but it also requires more work and risk management to unlock long term value. Generative AI (GenAI) is quickly supplementing classical AI in operational and clinical healthcare tasks, and we believe a successful AI strategy for digital health products must include both technologies.

While the use of AI in healthcare is not new, the surge of Generative AI in late 2022 and its subsequent spread into the mainstream has injected a renewed sense of possibility, urgency and also reservation in the world of digital health. Pain points that before seemed too big to tackle, like the burden of documentation for clinicians, may now be solved with GenAI. At the same time, new problems are emerging, like what to do about the proliferation of misinformation or outright hallucinations.

In this white paper we explore the following:

  • AI use cases for digital health
  • Impact versus effort of implementing AI in digital health
  • How BrightInsight leverages AI and GenAI

Download the white paper today to get the inside scoop on leveraging AI in digital health, and to discover additional challenges and opportunities.

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AI in digital health: Where to use it and how to unlock value?