Cost and Time to Bring Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) to Market

Insights from top digital health executives on how to speed time to market and lower costs for SaMD solutions

As Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) changes how patients and providers interact, forward-looking biopharma companies are prioritizing these digital solutions. To get a comprehensive perspective on how top biopharma teams are assessing SaMD, we partnered with HealthXL, a digital health community and advisory company, to survey the biopharma industry, interview digital health leaders at leading global companies, and analyze data for 30 firms over nearly three years.

Read this white paper to discover five solutions to solve cost and time-to-market challenges, and learn about:

  • The actual cost of bringing SaMD to market, and how it differs from many companies' expectations
  • The most active therapeutic areas in SaMD
  • The most promising use cases in SaMD today

Cost and Time to Bring SaMD to Market

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