Crafting an RFP to find the right SaMD partner

Digital health innovation is moving at breakneck speed, and many biopharma and medtech companies are searching for a partner to help them take their products further. The number of RFPs and RFIs is increasing 200% year over year, but many companies are unsure of what to include in those important documents.

In this ebook, we're presenting a three-phase approach to finding the right partner. The key? Asking the right questions. When you download the ebook, you'll discover dozens of questions in a variety of categories. These queries will revolutionize your process for selecting a digital health partner from a pool of qualified candidates.

We also have a shorter, scannable configuration tool on the same topic that you can explore at your leisure.

Start reading now to unpack the three phases of our approach:

  • Phase 1: Initial evaluation and qualifications
  • Phase 2: Capabilities and expertise
  • Phase 3: Pricing and references

Crafting an RFP eBook

Biopharma and R&D