CSL Behring: Supporting hemophilia B patients on a journey toward a life-changing gene therapy treatment

CSL Behring needed a patient app to help hemophilia B patients transition to its groundbreaking gene therapy, HEMGENIX®️. Approved by the FDA in November 2022 after 20 years of research, HEMGENIX has the potential to revolutionize how patients and their providers manage this burdensome condition. The first and only FDA-approved gene therapy for hemophilia B, HEMGENIX delivers significant bleed protection versus Factor IX prophylaxis, via a one-time infusion, offering incredible promise for improving quality of life.

Despite the potential of this game-changing treatment, patients face significant hurdles on the gene therapy journey. Some may be hesitant to switch from a treatment plan they're comfortable with; others may be uncomfortable with gene therapy overall.

CSL Behring wanted an app that supported patients with tailored educational materials, resources to remove barriers to access, and that would deliver valuable data and insights to improve care.

Having partnered with BrightInsight on its successful Hizentra®️ patient app, CSL Behring turned to their longtime partners again to co-design and build the B SUPPORT app for HEMGENIX. In the case study, we’ll show you how the B SUPPORT app supports hemophilia B patients and eases the transition HEMGENIX.

Read the case study to learn how BrightInsight took CSL Behring from project kickoff to B SUPPORT app launch in just four months.

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