How Biopharma and Medtech Can Successfully Engage Payers in Support of Digital Health

Successfully engaging payers to advance digital health requires the development of value propositions and solutions that will motivate payers to act.

Digital health — which we define as the convergence of digital technologies and medical devices or therapies to enhance healthcare delivery and make medicines more personalized or precise — has become an area of strategic investment for biopharma and medtech. Key drivers include advances in technology; the unprecedented increase in the amount of data that can be collected from patients, providers and payers; and the need to improve healthcare access, delivery, efficiency and outcomes.

Developing compelling digital solutions will require collaboration among patients, payers, providers and suppliers (e.g., biopharma, medtech companies) who, collectively, have access to the data and its insights in order to change patient behavior and improve outcomes. In addition, these partnerships enable development, optimization and scaling of solutions within a real-world setting. However, because there are so many digital technologies available to payers and providers, it can be challenging for biopharma and medtech to break through and create these partnerships. Despite potential for significant benefit for biopharma, medtech and payers, there have been limited partnerships to pilot technologies and even fewer examples of successful proof of concepts.

Biopharma and R&D 

How Biopharma and Medtech Can Successfully Engage Payers in Support of Digital Health

Read the white paper to explore the payer’s perspective on digital health and gain firsthand knowledge of how biopharma and medtech can successfully engage them as partners to advance digital health. Our findings are based on interviews that BrightInsight, a Flex Company, and L.E.K. Consulting conducted with payer executives from top payer organizations and leading integrated delivery networks.