How Biopharma and Medtech CISOs Can Minimize Risk in Today’s Digital Era

Key considerations and recommendations for successfully navigating cybersecurity regulations and global privacy laws

As Digital Health continues to proliferate and health data breaches rise globally, CISOs and privacy officers at leading biopharma and medtech companies are faced with a conundrum: they have more sensitive data today than they have historically had, with more potential risk of a breach than ever before.

As biopharma and medtech companies consider building their own cloud-based platforms to manage data coming from new digital products and services, it is important to recognize the heightened security risk of collecting patients’ medical data, even if much of the data is de-identified.

In our latest white paper, we offer up key considerations and recommendations on how biopharma and medtech CISOs and Privacy Officers can minimize risk and successfully navigate the evolving privacy and security regulations.

Download our white paper to receive insights from industry leaders including:

  • Zoe Philippides, Chief Privacy Officer, Amgen

Biopharma and R&D 

  • Diana McKenzie, Board member, MetLife & Change Healthcare, Technology Advisor, Brighton Park Capital, Former CIO at Workday and Amgen
  • Jothi Dugar, CISO, NIH Center for Information Technology
  • Maarten Stassen, Partner, Crowell & Moring
  • Sudhir Mahakali, Senior Director, Surgical Informatics & Cybersecurity, Alcon

In this white paper, we discuss how CISOs and Privacy Officers can build safe and scalable strategies for the digital era.