How Biopharma Commercial and R&D Can Partner to Accelerate Digital Innovation

Why taking an enterprise-wide approach to digital product development will help you outpace your competition

Working together to secure a competitive advantage

While digital innovation and transformation have long been on most biopharma companies’ wish lists, COVID-19 turned having a digital health strategy into a must-have—and soon.

In this white paper, we’re exploring the many benefits of making sure that Commercial and R&D teams are working hand in hand to build out your organization’s digital health strategy, even when they’re working toward slightly different goals.

With helpful insights from leaders from Takeda, Roche, Abbvie, Amgen, Vertex, and more, this white paper provides 5 key steps to achieving a successful partnership between Commercial and R&D.

Biopharma and R&D 

Download it today and learn:

  • Why there’s a race to become a digital health leader
  • How removing silos between teams can boost innovation
  • Why you should understand digital health regulatory requirements from the start
  • How to successfully form a partnership between Commercial and R&D to outpace your competition