How Digital Disease Management Delivers Value for Biopharma

Today, more than half of American adults live with a chronic illness and globally, a third of adults are managing more than one chronic condition. These patients are demanding seamless digital healthcare experiences. Research also shows that a 10% increase in adherence translates to a $124 billion pharmaceutical revenue opportunity globally.

It's no wonder that our recent survey of digital health leaders found that disease management is the most promising use case for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). Innovative biopharma companies are investing in digital health strategies and disease management solutions to reimagine the patient journey and add value to their therapies.

This white paper explores the value in digital disease management solutions, breaking down:

  • Challenges, such as poor therapy adherence and persistence
  • Opportunities, including keeping patients engaged and providers plugged in
  • Therapy areas primed for digital disease management solutions

You'll also learn what to look for in digital disease management solutions and get access to case studies that show how leading biopharma companies are delivering better disease management solutions, with help from BrightInsight.

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How BrightInsight Solves your Top Digital Challenges