How to Determine Whether to Buy or Build your Digital Health Platform

Key considerations when determining whether to buy or build your digital health IoT Platform

Biopharma and medtech executives are faced with a number of complex considerations when developing digital health products. One of those considerations is determining whether to buy or to build your underlying platform infrastructure.

Building your own end-to-end infrastructure significantly delays time-to-market, requires substantial upfront and ongoing resources, and is a competitive disadvantage to maintain and scale across a product portfolio.

Read our white paper on how to launch a scalable digital health platform that meets your company’s needs, including recommendations from executives who are leading digital at top biopharma companies:

  • Karan Arora, Chief Commercial Digital Officer and Global Vice President, AstraZeneca
  • Brian Johnson, Director, Digital Health, CSL Behring
  • Paul Upham, Head of Smart Devices, Roche/Genentech

Biopharma and R&D 

Buy or Build

This white paper also walks readers through the main challenges with building a custom platform:

  • Scalability and interoperability challenges
  • Upfront and ongoing costs of developing your own IoT platform
  • Regulatory, privacy and security compliance