The Evolving Role of the Biopharma and Medtech CIO: How to Succeed in Today's Digital Era

The role of the healthcare CIO is evolving. While CIOs still spend 80% of their time solving legacy IT issues—and just 20% of their time on digital strategy—top companies are placing more emphasis on digital, and it’s paying off. Biopharma and medtech companies that evolve the CIO role realize market share gains of around 7%.

Building effective digital strategies in the healthcare space is a competitive differentiator, with only 57% being categorized as digitally mature.

In this webinar, we will discuss how CIOs can build a digital strategy and leverage an Internet of Things platform that:

  • Provides security and privacy
  • Addresses complex regulatory burdens
  • Serves up analytics by turning massive amounts of data into insights
  • Delivers scalability across regions, brands, and health IT systems
  • Uses advanced AI, machine learning, and IoT technologies

Biopharma and R&D