The Role of Digital Health in Immuno-oncology Therapy Development and Adoption

Leveraging digital to improve outcomes, personalize interventions, and expand patient access

Making the most of explosive growth in immuno-oncology

With the FDA currently overseeing 800 active applications for cell and gene therapies, it’s safe to say that we’re in a period of intense innovation in cancer therapy.

While, big picture, this is a huge win for both patients and care providers, it also presents significant challenges. Here’s just one important question: How will oncologists match patients to the right treatments?

To explore the rapidly evolving immuno-oncology industry and its intersection with digital, BrightInsight spoke with executives from the top biopharma companies and oncologists from leading health systems, including the following executives:



Biopharma and R&D 

  • Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, M.D., MSEd, FACP, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • Joe Bernardo, Operating Partner, Linden Capital
  • John Lo, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Hematology, BMS
  • Mintu Turakhia M.D. M.A.S., Associate Professor and Executive Director, Center for Digital Health, Stanford University and member, BrightInsight Clinical Board
  • Teri Foy, senior vice president of Immuno-Oncology and Cellular Therapy, BMS

Download our white paper to discover how digital health can:

  • Enable more targeted interventions by leveraging data more efficiently
  • Improve outcomes by enabling precision medicine and better patient matching
  • Expand patient access by easing clinical trial enrollment and reimbursement