Why a Successful Digital Health Product Launch Starts with a Regulated IoT Infrastructure

The importance of building your digital health products on a regulated platform

Digital health solutions are simplifying treatments and improving the lives of patients worldwide. This raises the question: how can we get the most out of these digital products? BrightInsight CEO and Co-Founder, Kal Patel, MD, joins two experts in the pharmaceutical and regulatory space to explain how a regulated platform is important to maximizing the efficacy and efficiency of digital products.

Prasad Peri, Senior Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, CMC, at Teva and Elisabethann Wright, Partner EU Life Sciences at Hogan Lovells International LLP join Kal for a webinar on how building your digital products on a compliant infrastructure can future-proof your products and accelerate commercialization:

  • Robust Quality Management System that supports the highest risk intended uses of data
  • Ensure that personal patient data is kept private and secure
  • Enjoy faster go to market and post-launch iterations

Watch the webinar to get an inside look at how industry leaders see the future of regulations surrounding digital health products, and how to stay compliant.

Biopharma and R&D 

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